List my obsessions

I rode a river of words and heard wisdom (Bryan)
I rode a river of words and heard wisdom (Bryan)


Natalie Goldberg, in her book Writing Down the Bones, has a great subject for writing practice.  List your obsessions.  Then she says, go beyond that.  Use them.  Harness their power because they are going to show up in your writing whether you want them or not.


The past three weeks my obsessions have been showing up bigtime.  Not so much in my writing as in my life in general.  Moving house shakes everything up.  All that organized chaos lets things loose and drops things in unexpected places.  It pulls off the covers of everything that has been hiding and that has been hidden.

I have not written a list of my obsessions for a very long time.  It is obviously time that I do.

I am making a rule for this list.  Each obsession has to be one word.  Otherwise I can see me trying to explain or deny or qualify the obsession I am listing.

One word gets things down to their essence.

Do I want to set a number to stretch myself?  I have to list at least x number of obsessions, or should I just write until I can’t think of any more?  Write until I can’t think of any more.  Okay, that is two rules for my list of obsessions.

Here goes.  List my obsessions.  One word for each.  Go!

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