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Archangel (Raphael)
Archangel (Raphael)


A list of my heroes, master teachers all, who share their work so we all can shine.  Websites, webcasts, books, audios—this list is a mix of what I have used, what I am using now, what and who I keep going back to.  Each section of the list is alphabetical by first name.



Anne Lamott – Book ‘Bird by Bird’.

Dee Wallace  Books ‘Bright Light’, ‘Getting Stuff: Everything is Possible’.

Eric  All of his books, especially ‘Creativity for Life’, ‘Fearless Creating’, ‘The Van Gogh Blues’, and ‘Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions’.  He has online courses as well.

Julia  All of her books.  ‘The Artist’s Way’ first, of course.  ‘Walking in This World’ and ‘Finding Water’ are sequels to ‘The Artist’s Way’.  ‘The Vein of Gold’ has loads of creative activities of all kinds.  ‘The Sound of Paper’ is great for encouragement while working through a dry spell in your creativity.  ‘Supplies’ is exercises for working through different kinds of blocks and creative difficulties.  The ‘Right to Write’ is aimed at the process of writing.  ‘It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again’ is the Artist’s Way process for those of us who think we are too old to become artists.

Lynda Barry – Books ‘What It Is’, ‘Syllabus’, ‘One Hundred Demons’, ‘Picture This’.  The creative process through image and word combined.  The questions she asks and the way her mind works are inspiring.

Michele  Books ‘Life, Paint, Passion’, ‘Point Zero’.  Moving through what gets in your way.

Natalie  All of her books, especially ‘Writing Down the Bones’, ‘Wild Mind’, ‘Thunder and Lightning.  ‘Old Friend From Far Away’ is on writing memoir.  ‘Living Colour’ is on painting and the creative process (yes, Natalie paints as well).  ‘The True Secret of Writing’ lays the structure for a do-it-yourself writing retreat.

Stephen  Book ‘On Writing’.  A memoir and how-to all in one.

Twyla Tharp –  Book ‘The Creative Habit’.  Creative process from a dancer and choreographer.


PLAY (yes, be a child)  All of her books are a visual joy as well as a joy to read and do.  Especially DO.  Creativity is all about doing.



I use the words God, Source, the One Energy, the Universe, the Great Creator, interchangeably.  To me, each of these names represents the one energy out of which all is created.

Abraham/Esther and Jerry Hicks  Books ‘The Law of Attraction’ and ‘The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent’, and loads more.  Consciously creating your life through connection with Source.  Also audios and YouTube videos.

Anne Lamott – Books ‘Travelling Mercies’, ‘Plan B’, ‘Grace (eventually)’, ‘Help, Thanks, Wow’ are my favourites.  Acceptance of yourself, others, and life, with a great sense of humour.

His Holiness the Dalai  Book ‘The Wisdom of Forgiveness’ by HHDL and Victor Chan.

Dee Wallace  Books ‘Bright Light’, ‘Conscious Creation’.  Weekly radio/webcast and weekly e-letter.  Dee has taught me to be consciously aware of choosing what I create in my life, and to do all through love aligned with Source.

Jarrad  Book ‘Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation’.  Energy worker extraordinaire.

Jennifer  This is a healing membership site with an abundant choice of teachers and resources.  Jennifer’s Spontaneous Transformation Technique healing process (formerly Body Dialogue) helped me heal fibromyalgia.

Jo Dunning  Gentle and loving energy work.

Julia Cameron  Books ‘Faith and Will’ and ‘God is No Laughing Matter’.  All of her books are based on working in partnership with the Great Creator.  Julia, Natalie Goldberg, and Lynda Barry are my creativity heroes.

Mary A Hall and  Abundance Alive is Mary’s healing community membership site.  Her 30-Day Challenge taught me how to begin opening my heart.  Unconditional love and abundance energy work.

Panache Desai  Acceptance and healing energy work.

Pema Chodron  Books ‘When Things Fall Apart’, ‘Practicing Peace in Times of War’, ‘Tonglen: The Path of Transformation’, and more.

Rikka Zimmerman  Unconditional self-love energy.

Sonia Choquette  All of her books, especially ‘Trust Your Vibes’ and ‘Ask Your Guides’ which are on developing your intuition/sixth sense aka listening to Source, and ‘Soul Lessons, Soul Purpose’ on partnering with Source to create your life.  Sonia has several online courses.

THEO/Sheila and Marcus Gillette  Weekly radio/webcast.  THEO’s meditative soul integration process helped me to reclaim the orphaned parts of myself and move back to being whole.

Wayne Dyer  Books ‘Wishes Fulfilled’, ‘The Power of Intention’, and ‘I Can See Clearly Now’.  These are also on audio.




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