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One or two posts, mid-week.  There may be more, depending on the writing that is coming through and how deep I am in another of my creative projects.


Each post is about a realization and understanding I have come to.  Each post traces a step on my intuitive path of being whole– body, head, heart, and spirit in alignment.


I had fibromyalgia, also known as FMS, FM, and fibrositis.  I healed it.  (More on this below.)  During the healing process I invented a mantra, ‘Know Trust Choose Create’, to remind me of what I am doing and how I am choosing to do it.

KNOW   Stand in my wholeness, body, head, heart, and spirit as one.  Listen to what my intuition and Source (God, the One Energy, the Universe, the Great Creator) are telling me.  Feel and listen rather than think.

TRUST   Exactly what it says.  Trust what is coming through my intuition, trust what I am hearing and feeling.  For me, this is the trickiest step.  I like to think I am always in control.  The joke’s on me.  Trust means letting go of control.

CHOOSE   Make my choices consciously, based on what I am hearing and feeling through intuition and Source.

CREATE   Take action to create what I have chosen.

I use this mantra and process for both quick things and large, long projects.

This process requires me to love myself and consciously make my choices from a place of love.  My other mantra is ‘choose love’.  This reminds me that I am choosing through love and for love.  When I do this, my whole self connects and aligns with Source.  I am present and grounded, here and now.  This is where I make my best choices.

Through healing the fibromyalgia, there were many master healers, teachers, and light workers I connected with.  Much of what I learned and used they offer free of charge through the internet.  I am still connected and learning from these people, and I am so grateful for what they do.  This blog is a way to begin sharing and giving back in exchange for what I have received.  You will see their names come up in my blog posts with links to their websites.  Books, audios, and so on that I have purchased and are using, will also be mentioned.  This is all my initiative.  The page ‘Resources I Use’  lists them in one place.  These people and their work helped me to heal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I began developing fibromyalgia around the time I was 19 years old.  It was diagnosed in 1997 when I was 39.  I managed it through a standard regime of prescription medications, exercise, meditation, stress relief, and adjusting my life.  I read all the latest books as they came out, tried many things, continued to cope but not heal.  ‘Heal’ was never a word my doctors used.

In 2011 I decided ‘I am not doing this any more!’  I began looking for a way to heal.  The healing path I created for myself was intuitive.  I worked on myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually all at once, a process of wholeness.

I am an artist as well as a writer.  For this healing, I engaged all I had learned about process and creativity through eighteen years of drawing and writing.  I am a Tibetan Buddhist in the Shambhala lineage, so I added my eighteen years of knowledge and experience in working with my head, body, heart, and spirit, using patience and compassion.  I added the learning I gained from the master healers, teachers, and light workers who I connected with.  I braided all of this together.

I healed.  It took me two years.  I am healthy now, completely free of fibromyalgia.




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