What I Should Be Doing

from the Joy Diary Sketchbook by Cat Fink, held in the Brooklyn Art Library Collection

I think I broke my Writer.

I’m so focused on the book draft lately, I’m not giving time to the things that feed my imagination, aka my Writer.  Big mistake, because here I am ready to write a blog post, and the idea cupboard is bare. 

When I’m empty of ideas, I make lists.  Today’s list is everything I’m not doing to keep my Writer happy and brim full of things to write.

I’m not reading enough.  I haven’t stopped reading, but I’m shorting myself on how often and how long.  My stack of unread books is lonely; it might even be whimpering quietly like a sad puppy.

I’m not playing enough.  I need to go out to play every day, get a change of scenery, have long, loving, occasionally silly conversations with friends and family and kind strangers, play a board game or card game.

I’m not laughing enough.  Self-explanatory, as my book is a tough topic.  Balancing it out, choosing to experience its opposite when I’m not writing would be a happy idea.

I’m not wasting enough time daydreaming and doing nothing.

A short list, and it’s given me a plan to repair my Writer.

Today I’m going for a long, lazy dinner with my husband and son.  No special occasion.  Just because.  If the weather is good, we’ll go for a walk as well, and if the weather is lousy, we’ll play board games.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to a matinee movie, and our lunch will be popcorn and pop. Then, I’ll read all evening as long as I wish, and go to bed late.

Saturday there’s a family birthday party for my nephew, who is now thirteen and terrorizing his parents via the adolescent emotion roller-coaster.  Very very glad my son is far beyond those years.

Sunday I’ll visit my Mom.  We’ll eat cookies straight from the package and forget to count how many. When I come home, I’ll sit on the porch swing and day dream, or sit on the couch and and do nothing but look out the window.

And next weekend I’m visiting with friends for the entire weekend.  A sleepover, with wine and chocolate, walks along the beach, and talking way past midnight.

There.  Play time all set.  My Writer feels better already.

2 thoughts on “What I Should Be Doing

  1. That is so “you”, Cat! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t know what to write, without you! I’m going to make a list for my Writer too, but kind of the opposite of yours. I’ve not been doing much writing or art, or even cooking, for the last 4 months, as I’ve been very “lazy”? Also because I’m reading a lot, taking naps, walking and swimming every other day, recovering from all the face surgery. I still have little buzzy nerve pains, but I make them go away quickly, with my 10Zenseconds incantation: “this pain will–pass quickly.” And it does. I also think that my Writer is almost ready to wake up and get going again. I’ll make up another incantation for that, once I make a list of what to do to be more inspired to write.

    Keep going! Love and hugs, Kate


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    1. Hey Kate! I wouldn’t call that lazy, I’d call that enjoying life, and it sounds wonderful. Glad to hear about the healing. Saw a quote from Abraham Hicks a while back and they said our (meaning you, me, Lynn, all human beans) purpose here is joy. Works for me. Hugs and love.


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