Prayer For The New Year

Cat Fink 'What Gives Me Joy Nov 16 2016 (celebration)'

Wide and still I hold my heart.

Let spirit write her path in me.

Let love breathe her breath in me.

Let need call forth to serve in me.

Let grace be every step for me.

Let joy become the song in me.

Let connection open space for me.

Let creation be all play in me.

Let action be the choice for me.

Still and wide

I hold my heart.

Let all life find its home in me.

5 thoughts on “Prayer For The New Year

  1. Lovely poem Cat. Happiest Blessing in 2018 for you and yours. I’m thinking about transitions today, how all things change. I’ve never been good with transitions. I find this amusing as I love change! Such a contradiction. I love New places, meeting new people, seeing and experiencing new things, but the letting go part…. not so much. Packing up lives that have moved on, letting go of pets, moving homes. I guess the trick is holding space to remember. Taking a moment to honour what was… 2918 will undoubtably be s year if many changes, most I’m not looking forwArd to!! But , alas everything changes. Talk soon Love wrenxxx

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