Faith and the Mountain

Laid to Rest (north) - detail
Laid to Rest (north) – detail

Faith moves mountains.

I know it does.  My faith has helped me create mountain-sized things in my life.  Many of them.

My faith not only moves mountains.  It is the mountain on which I stand.  From the top I see 360 degrees, full circle.  I see exactly where I am here, now.  See all the possibilities.  I feel into my heart, my passion, while standing here.  What do I love?  And there, yes, way over there, something lights up in the distance.  That’s where I want to go.  There’s my desire, my direction, my creation.

Now I have a creation journey ahead of me to reach what I see shining in the distance.  This journey is easy.  I create it, walking one step at a time.


Before I take the first step, I pack up my faith mountain.  Yes, this mountain is very flexible.  I can squash it all up, the whole thing, and fit it into my backpack.  You’d think a mountain compacted to backpack size would not be going anywhere.  But my faith mountain weighs nothing.  This is a floating mountain.  A helium balloon of a mountain.  It carries me.

Say it again.  My faith mountain carries me.

My faith mountain helped me create this blog.

Seven months ago I finish the first draft of my book on healing.  I need to let it rest for a while, a couple months.  Let it and me settle, so that when I come back to it, the writing will feel new.

I put my first draft aside.  But the words keep coming.  I know they aren’t part of the book, and I know they want to be written, offered, read.

I hold this knowing, this word passion, and stand on my faith mountain.  What is possible?  An idea pops in.  I see it shining just over there.  I could write a blog.  This feels fun.  Yes, create this.

I know nothing about blogs.  But I have two big friends who I love, and who know pretty much everything.  Internet and Library.  I go see my friends.

On the internet I discover sites that host blogs, and a million blogs that show me what people are creating and what is possible.  In the library I find how-to books.  The nuts and bolts of building a space where I can create my blog.  I can do this, me and my faith mountain.  (And yes, I do carry it everywhere, even to the library.)

I read the books.  I make notes.  I need to do this, then this, then this.  I play on the internet, looking at the possibilities, finding what fits me and my creation.  I find places to ask questions and get answers.

I do this.  It is easy because I am creating what I love.  I build my blog.  Step and step.  I feel a bit overwhelmed, lost, confused sometimes.  That’s because I am looking at the completed end of my creation, rather than focusing on the step right here in front of me.  I pull my attention back to here, now, and I am clear again, settled again.  Ah, my next step.  I can do this.

And I do.  I create my blog.  I build my space to hold the words coming through me.  I get to offer my words to you, and we get to play together.

I love my faith mountain.

There is a whole landscape of faith mountains.  I can see you standing on yours right now, just there, a bit to my right.  See you seeing your passion light up in the distance.  See you pack up your faith mountain, shrug on that backpack full of your mountain that weighs nothing and carries you.  See you step out onto your path.

Maybe if we are lucky, our paths will cross.  I hope so.

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