Postcard #8 – In the middle of things

I Choose Knowledge
I Choose Knowledge

Camp Nanowrimo ends tomorrow.  I’ve done my best.  Will meet my word goal tomorrow.  Yay me!

I am well into the revision of my first draft.  20,000 words of the original 55,000 done.  I’m in the middle.

Being in the middle of things is not always comfortable or comforting.  This happens with my drawings.  I get a third to half-way in, and it’s like I hit a major oobleck hole.  Thick.  Sticky.  Sink-y.  No traction for my wheels, which are disappearing into the green goo.  Where did my ideas and inspiration energy go?

I have to get out and push.  And I have to get help with the pushing.

The fact that I’ve been here before does not help me evade this place in my creation process.  It does help that I know I always make my way through and up the other side.  It helps that I have strategies for handling the middle oobleck hole.

This is what I do.

I get out and push.  Two days last week I went out and wrote at my favourite café.  Changed my environment and bribed myself with large mochas.  I did three hours of revising each day.  Yay me!

I get help with the pushing.  I re-read sections of my favourite books on writing and creating.  I talk with other writers and artists, long-time friends and creators all.  I read the pep talks on the Camp Nanowrimo site.  I know I am not alone.  There are other creators pushing their way through their own oobleck holes.  We can just see the tops of each other’s heads.  We wave and yell.  Keep going, you’re doing good, wow look how far you’ve gone already, you’re almost there.  We laugh.  Been here before.

Mixing creative mind with critical mind is tricky.  I can do this, I am doing this, but the mix can kick me out of my heart without me noticing.  When I finally notice, I have one more strategy I use for getting out of the oobleck hole, a sure way of moving back into my heart.

I picture my finished book.  See the cover, feel the weight of it in my hands, smell the new book smell.  Hear the rustle of the pages against my fingers.  I created this, and I get to share it.  I see it there on the bookstore shelves and on the websites.  I see people reading it, connecting, sharing, enjoying it.  Feel the joy and play in all of this.

When I do this, I bring love back into my process.  I connect my heart with my head.

Creative mind, critical mind, and heart.  This is the inspiration, power, and energy that roll me up out of the middle oobleck hole.  Yay me, on my way again!


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Lynda Barry – ‘What It Is’, ‘Syllabus’, ‘Picture This’.

Natalie  ‘Writing Down the Bones’, ‘Wild Mind’, ‘Old Friend From Far Away’, ‘Living Color’.

Anne Lamott – ‘Bird by Bird’.

Stephen  ‘On Writing’.

Julia Cameron  ‘The Right to Write’.

drseussDr. Seuss – ‘Bartholomew

and the Oobleck’


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