Postcard #5 – Singing my love song

Archangel For Mrs. St. Cyr (Uriel)
Archangel For Mrs. St. Cyr (Uriel)

The radio station this morning is playing ‘I Feel Love’, sung by Donna Summer.  Very techno and disco-y and electronic, a compelling beat.  And then Donna’s voice comes in, counterpoint to all that driving push.  Long clear notes that slide over and between all else.  Melody that expands.  It embraces the energies building in the song.  Focuses and holds them in a single through line—I feel love.

This is exactly what I am doing in my life.  I choose all my experiences, letting them wind their way around each other the way the synthesizers do in ‘I Feel Love’.  Then I focus and hold my experiences in a single melody.  Love.

Our lives each have soundtracks, and we choose the songs.  When I say we choose the songs, I mean this:  I choose love as my song, my through line, and then I go about creating it, singing it into and around whatever I am doing in my day.  I shape the feeling like a hug and hold each experience of the day within it.

When I look at something I need to do, like revising my book, and it feels too huge, I know how to begin.  I start up my soundtrack and choose my love song.  I let this book revision become part of the song.  I say thank you for the gift of knowing how to begin.  Thank you for the gift of having written a first draft.  Thank you for the time and peace and place to play for a second time with the words I created.

I am not perfect at my love song yet, but each time I sing, it comes easier and quicker and smoother.  One of the words I use a lot in my love song is thank you.  Singing thank you tells me, and Source, that I see the gifts here in front of me.  Thank you places me in the present moment.  This is where I feel love, right here, right now.

This is my soundtrack and my song.  I choose love.


Happy Birthday, Bryan!  xoxo from mom


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Donna Summer – song ‘I Feel Love’ from the album I Remember Yesterday, 1977

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