Postcard #3 – Gifts and the Wrong Way Round

etchasketch.blogI was whining to myself this morning about all the work I have to get done.  Whining.  Complaining.  Worrying. Resisting.  Maybe I’ll just lay here in bed a little longer.

Two blog pieces to write and post.  A coaching session to read and prepare for.  Camp Nanowrimo and my book revision to work on.  A day-long writing workshop to finish preparing for and teach.  A proposal I am working on.

I have bit off more than I can chew, I think.  Did this to myself, I think.  I took all this on, created it, and now I am freaking out about getting it done.

I stop resisting and get out of bed.  I do my morning routine.  In the midst of making coffee, my last step before getting into my writing, I stop.

I stand at the kitchen counter, dumbfounded.

I am looking at this the wrong way round.  All I have learned, all I am writing about, and here I am.  Wrong Way Round.

I created this writing and creating and teaching, and now I am complaining because the Universe has given it to me.  I am seeing this as a burden.  No.  Wrong.  These are gifts.

Because of the things I have created, I get to spend today writing, imagining, and playing with words and ideas.  And then I get to share the words that I love in my blog.  A gift.

The rest of this week:  I get to read about and then talk creativity with a fellow creator.  Connect with other writers at Camp Nanowrimo while I play with my book.  Spend two whole days reading and preparing, then writing and talking writing with a room full of writers and creators.  Play with possibilities for my proposal.  All gifts.

I get to be in what I love all week long.  Open the gifts I have created for myself.  Sit like a kid at Christmas, surrounded by toys, deep in play.  Writing.  Writing.  Writing.  A gift.

Happy Christmas!


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