Play Again

Hand Over Hand (embroidered mylar banners)
Hand Over Hand (embroidered mylar banners)

Saturday, all day, I played with my friends.

We are the Crow Girls, artists all, and writers, film makers, house designers, chefs, gardeners, musicians, mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, a grandmother, aunts, cousins, friends, imaginaters-extraordinaire.  You’d never guess from all that, there are only four of us.  We are much bigger than we look.

All artists are much bigger than they look.  It’s a secret.  Don’t tell.

All day we talked, laughed, danced, played games.  Ate wonderful food.  Sipped green tea and wine and cool water.  Coloured in new colouring books with brand new boxes of crayons, 24 colours for each of us, 96 crayons scattered in joy across the table.  Told stories about our lives, real and imagined.  Planned and dreamed.  Spoke secrets out loud so we no longer carried them alone.  Inspired each other into our grandest selves.  Rejoiced at the lake and sky and trees and wind that watched us from the windows.

This is play, pure joy, friends creating a world that loves us just as we are.  Saturday, we gave this gift to ourselves, a day of play and friendship.  I can imagine no greater gift to share.

I offer it to you.


We Are Play

We’ve worn out the day,

my friends and I.

Made it long with laughter.

Voices echo in the late summer air,

come home, it’s supper time.

We sort and pack the tools of our trade,

triumphant in our hands.

Loops of skipping ropes

and Double Dutch songs.

Silver roller skates

and keys on strings.

Hopscotch stones safe in our pockets.

Crayons packed into cardboard boxes

(pack the broken ones last).

Carrie and Cathy

And Marilyn and Nadine.

Fran and Wren

And Yvonka and Cat.

We are play,

done for this day.

Comics traded

and Nancy Drew

ready for reading

late, as the mosquitoes hum

outside the screen

and the night bird I have never seen

hides in the cedars

and calls the sun to bed.


Written for the Crow Girls—Fran, Wren, Yvonka, and me.  Your friendship is a gift.  Thank you.

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