Everything I know about the human heart

love joy friendship and other complications
love joy friendship and other complications


I am cheating a bit in today’s blog post.  I am posting an old piece of writing.  This writing appeared in me at a silent writing and meditation workshop with Natalie Goldberg in 2001.  The writing did more than just appear.  It inspired a series of drawings that became a show.  And it told me what my work is for the rest of my life.  Love.  Draw.  Write.

There was a nurse who, through a friend, asked if she could have a copy of this writing.  I delayed answering, and delayed, and delayed, and never did reply.  I regret this now.  I have forgotten her name.

Whoever you are, wherever you are now, I am sending this out for you.  I hope you see it, print it off, share it if you wish.  I am sorry I never replied and shared this with you.  My heart was not big enough then.  It is now.

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