Joy has me


I Walked the Ocean and Dreamed the Land (Fabi)
I Walked the Ocean and Dreamed the Land (Fabi)


What is an experience?  Is it something you have?  Or is it something that has you?

I love this big question.  It comes from Lynda Barry’s book ‘What It Is’.  Page 22 if you want to go take a look.  Better yet, take a loooooong look starting from the front cover and don’t stop till you reach the back cover.  Yes, I love this book and I love Lynda for creating it and sharing it with all of us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynda and Sea-Ma and the Magic Cephalopod and the Near-sighted Monkey and all your friends.

What is an experience?  What is joy?  Because that is what I am experiencing right now.  I am discovering joy all over the place.  In me.  Outside of me.  Outside of me moving to the inside of me.  I could say that I am having joy, I am experiencing it.

The truer answer would be that joy is having me.

It has poured into me, is still pouring into me with no sign of stopping.

I am engulfed by it.

How did I do this?  Did I do this?  Or is this a gift, an opening and allowing that I created?  Did I send an invitation to joy?  Come and play, I said?  I must have, because joy is here, has moved in, and I have invited her to stay.

Joy has me.  I am walking in joy.  Breathing, talking, writing, creating in joy.

The Diné (Navajo) people speak and pray of walking in beauty.  In balance, honour, joy, love, connection with the Universe and life.  This is what is happening for me.  I say joy because this is the uppermost feeling, but here also are love, honour, balance, connection, life.

I can’t define joy, but I know how it feels.

A gift.

Thank you.  I accept.

And because I accept this gift of joy, I now get to share it with you.  Emotions are contagious.  I see how my joy sparks joy in the people around me.  I love that.  Then their joy sparks joy in the people they connect with.  I love that too.  It just keeps expanding.  We all get to walk in joy.

My heart and spirit know there is no cost to accepting this gift of joy.  No price, no trade, no bargain I have to make.  There is no having to pay or balance this joy with an equal gift of sorrow.

It is all a choice.  My choice.  Your choice.

There is no guilt in accepting joy.  Your choice of being joy adds joy to the whole world.  Remember, emotions are contagious.  We all get to share joy with you.

Say yes.  Accept the gift, be it joy, or love, or happiness.  Know you are worthy of this gift.  Know you are worthy, beautiful, holy, love, and loved.  Now. Always.


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Lynda Barry

Lynda’s book   ‘What It Is’, 2008, Drawn and Quarterly

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