The Red Dot Exercise


Everything I Know About The Human Heart Part 1
Everything I Know About The Human Heart Part 1


In ‘Choose love’, yesterday’s post, I tell the story of my experience using Dee Wallace’s Red Dot Exercise.  Here is the exercise again, from the link in Dee’s weekly Monday e-blast.  You can sign up for Dee’s e-blast at

‘First of all, you must drop into your heart center, open your heart, and find that experience of love.  Allow it to expand.  Feel the joy and unconditional love of that moment.  Now for 30 seconds, 5 times a day, for two weeks, practice sending that love to the red dot.  Become one with it.   Practice detachment from sending and being this experience of love.  For the next two weeks, do the same, knowing that the red dot is simply self-love.  EXPECT NOTHING.  It is just the practice of sending and BEING the love.  For the final two weeks, you can choose that the dot represents something: money/health, etc.  SEE IF YOU CAN STILL DO THE EXERCISE WITH NO ATTACHMENT.  You are simply BEING Love around whatever subject you choose.  You are realizing that the state of love IS that which you have chosen.  It is suggested that this become a way of life.  This is not a temporary exercise.  Feel this shift in your heart and your gut.  YOU ARE the energy that is the Love.’

Notes on what I have learned:

Make yourself a red dot on a piece of paper like I did.  My dot is ½ inch across, large enough that I can see it easily.  I used a bright red so that the colour attracted my attention.

Yes, I still have my red dot taped to my studio wall above my desk where I am writing now.  Seeing it reminds me to just be love.  It reminds me that I choose love as my way of being in this world, no matter what I am experiencing in the moment.

When I choose from a place of love, my choice creates good for myself and all around me.  I have experienced this so often that I now just know it and trust it, even if I don’t see evidence of it right away.  It has taken time for me to reach this trust.  It slips away from me occasionally when I am not paying attention.  That is why my red dot is still on my wall.

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